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    This thread is meant to clear up common misunderstandings / errors that happen when users tag galleries. While it is mainly aimed at users uploading galleries and moderators, regular users should be able to learn something from here, too. Frankly, I am tired of seeing common mistakes pop up and prevent them from happening. So here are some tips, first in general:

    • When you click on a tag and are on the page with the galleries it is used on, you can see its definition above the like / blacklist buttons etc. if one was added. Several tags don't have definitions yet, so if you see that the description line is blank, you can help out by adding one. Please try to be short and precise if you provide a definition and only add one if you are sure that you know what a tag means. An example is here:
    • When you upload a gallery, please also set the correct category for it.
      Basically, Doujinshi are all non-commercially sold short books that are often parodies of other material. Manga are commercially sold and can be differentiated from Doujinshi by the fact that they are either single black- and white chapters taken out of larger magazines (e.g. Comic MILF, Comic LO) or tankoubons with ca. 200 pages Tanks / full books get the Manga tag, for single chapters Manga Oneshot applies instead (Manga and Manga Oneshot tags might be merged in the future).
      Artist CGs are fully colored, telling a linear story with base images that are slightly altered with different text or small differences between individual images until the next base image comes up with various alterations. Game CGs are image sets taken from games (duh) with no text in themselves (you can read the actual text and listen to the voices if you play the game itself).
      If you can't make out the category of a gallery by yourself, you can search for it on other sites like g.e-hentai / exhentai and copy the category tag on here.
    • When uploading a Doujin, please also use the correct circle tag to it. Groups /Circles are aliases by artists they use to differentiate them from their commercial Manga. Katsurai Yoshiaki uses the circle name Basutei Shower for his doujinshi, for example. You can look up groups / circle names on other sites too. Be careful that you use proper spelling / capitalization, however. We DON'T use lower caps only for our tags like some other sites do. Also, don't use circle tags on Manga releases. They only apply to Doujinshi / CG sets.
    • Regarding collections: You have to both set a common name for them AND provide a position for the entry so that it actually gets ordered properly.
    • Please use the English names for characters when they have one that is well known. So the main character of the Pokemon series gets the tag Ash Ketchum and for Ace Attorney it's Phoenix Wright. You can add their Japanese names in the "alternative names" box.
    • Please actually make use of the note feature when editing an existing upload by noting on which pages a certain tag appears / give a short justification why you removed a certain tag, etc. Checking 200 page tankoubons for a single tag edit is very time-consuming.

    Next, let me clear up some common errors with certain content tags. Generally, there are two types of mistakes people often make. Either they don't use certain tags in conjunction that need to be used together or two tags are used on the same gallery that should NOT be used together.

    Tags that need to be used together or which are requirements of each other:
    • Every gallery tagged with Incest needs a relationship tag that accompanies it, e.g. Mother, Cousin, Aunt or Father (beware, the male Incest tags are supposed to be used for Yaoi ONLY. So Father- Daughter Incest only gets the Daughter tag, Yuri Incest gets a relationship tag for both participants).
    • Bikini and School Swimsuit galleries both also require the regular Swimsuit tag, since Bikinis and School Swimsuits are types of Swimsuits too.
    • The Dog, Pig, Dolphin, Horse etc. tag also require the Bestiality tag. Additionally, don't use the Bestiality tag for Furries or Monsters.
    • Everything tagged with Huge Breasts also needs the Large Breasts tag. It's very simple logic: All Huge Breasts (at least double the head size for each breast) are automatically also large (size is at least as big as the head for each breast).
    • Everything tagged with Inseki also needs the Incest tag.
    • All Oppai Lolis require the regular Loli tag.
    • Futanari tags should be combined with one of the Futa on xxx tags like Futa on Female or Male on Futa, unless it's Solo Action of a Futa.
    • Gangbang, Harem and Threesome tags require the Group Sex tag.
    • Tags like Lamia, Mermaid, Centaur etc. require the Monster Girl tag. DON'T use the Monster Girl tag on Vampires, Succubi or Devils / Demon Girls, though.
    • All Deepthroats need the Blowjob tag.
    On the other hand, there are tags that should NEVER be used together, unless the gallery is a tankoubon with different stories or they occur at seperate times:
    • DILF and Dirty Old Man. DILF is supposed to be used for attractive men at least in their 30s, Dirty Old Man for ugly ones who mostly resort to Rape or Blackmail.
    • Dark Skin and Tanlines: Dark Skin should only be used on characters that are completely dark, not just having tanlines.
    • Futanari and Yuri: Use Yuri tags only if the participants are really female and stay that way throughout the majority of the gallery, not for Futa content or if it's Bait Yuri for a few pages that turns into Futa when one of the girls grows a dick.
    • DON'T tag Pettanko on Lolis. Pettanko is only supposed to be used for grown women (at least high school age) with flat chests, not for Lolis.
    • Shotacon and Straight Shota tags: Use Straight Shota for Straight Sex ONLY. Anything involving Yaoi or Combinations of Futas / Shemales get the "Shotacon" tag. Never use both, unless there is both straight sex and Yaoi / Futa with Shotas in a gallery. Currently, the majority of uploads have both of these tags on them if they are straight. If you see one where this is the case, remove the regular "Shotacon" tag so that it only stays on Shota galleries with Yaoi / Futas on Males in them.

    Finally, there are a few tags you should be careful with using in general since they are extremely overused / misused:
    • Ahegao should only be used on fairly extreme facial expressions, NOT mild ones.
    • For Impregnation, there should be sufficient evidence that it actually happened, not just a line of "I will get pregnant" or "Get Pregnant!", e.g a pregnancy test, a pregnant belly or children after a timeskip, the girl saying she has a very dangerous day, etc.
    • Pregnant tag should only be used if there is ACTUAL pregnant sex, not just a pregnant belly at the end.
    • Large and Huge Breasts should only be tagged if they are at least as a big as the character's head for each breast (Large) or twice as big (Huge) for each of them.
    • Big Areola should be covering at least roughly one third of each breast to count as such.
    • Last, but definitely not least: When you try to add a tag, ask yourself this question: Would someone using that tag in a search because it is one of his fetishes be satisfied with what he gets in that particular gallery or would it be bad enough for him to not want to see a gallery when he excludes this tag? A single page of Rape or Reverse Rape in a 200 page tankoubon may technically qualify for the tag, but users searching for that tag will be extremely disappointed with their result.
      For larger galleries, try to only tag content if it happens on several pages. If it's a short 20 page doujin or single chapter, one or two pages of a fetish can be enough to warrant a tag for it, but please be more reasonable when tagging large story arcs or tankoubons.

    If you still have any questions about tagging or what certain tags mean (since not all of them have definitions yet), ask in this thread or send our moderators a message in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/TJtQcJq
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    [Advance search guide & Future Tag Changes]

    I will now explain how to use our new [Advance search] since I since a bunch of people still being unaware of its existence so they end up editing our existing tags to suite their Pervy-ass needs.

    First of all click on the search button on top of the the site indicated by the magnifying glass

    Then just simply click on [Advance search] and enter your preferred tags or name for a specific doujin/manga

    Make sure you know what kind of tags Pururin has. Some of them are written in Romaji so make sure you look them up in the tag search first.
    Nakadashi = Creampie
    Inseki = Sex involving in-law, Step, or adopted Family relatives
    Megane = Glasses

    Now this section of the post will be mostly about informing you about tag changes so you don't start panicking if your white-listed/favorite tag is suddenly gone from existence. It was either deleted after much consideration and/or just moved to a different tag.
    So far this is what has been changed or is in the process of moving in the near future.
    [Creampie] is now [Nakadashi] (Due to [Nakadashi] being used more)
    [Megane] shall be replaced with [Glasses] ([Megane] has been removed)
    [Nekomimi] shall be replaced with [Catgirl] ([Nekomimi] has been removed)
    [Full Color] shall be replaced with [Full colour] (Have no Idea why they existed in the first place. done)

    Note* The only tags that will be listed are the ones that are common. Minor tags with only 1-25 uses shall not be listed unless they are extremely important

    More to be edited in the future.
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