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Discussion in 'Sauce' started by Watcher, Nov 12, 2017.

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    Hi! I've read this a long time ago before this website was turned to pururin.us
    The story of the comic I'm looking for is that main character(guy) had an accident and woke up to an island where it never turned night only day. The elf/people there was always naked and having sex whenever or wherever.. They only had to eat this 1 fruit for hunger (also it does cure injuries)
    also they had some weird cute Seal animal only on that island no other animals.

    This guy killed one of the seal and used it for the female elves only to have sex with him.
    (p.s the elves living on that island never had any fights or chaos until our main character moved in)

    If someone could know what I may be looking for please do message me, thanks alot! :)

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