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Looking for title of manga!

Discussion in 'Sauce' started by Jebaiting, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Jebaiting

    Jebaiting New Member

    Jan 11, 2017
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    Hello everyone, I am new here and was hoping you guys could deduce a hentai manga I read a while ago. From what I recall one of the chapters was about a woman on a train with a boy surrounded by men. A man behind her decides to molest her and she feels as though its her duty to protect the boy's innocence. As the boy looks out the train window she lets the man proceed further, going as far as saying something akin to, "Please fuck my pussy". He eventually rapes her and all she can do is hope the boy stays oblivious to the events occuring behind him. It ends with the train doors opeing with the boy leaving and the woman staying. Another chapter, I presume from the same manga as well as being the last chapter, consists of a business woman walking in the park when she notices some thugs about to rape a woman. She takes it upon herself to stop the thugs, freeing the woman but replacing berself as the victim as the end result. The thugs rape her and leave prior to the arrival of law enforcement, who were probably called by tbe freed woman. It ends with the police arriving to the scene of the woman drenched in cum while being in complete shambles, one of the cop also says something, I cannot recall what and it ends there. I would greatly appreciate any help and I am confident in the community's ability to help me find this manga.

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